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We have prepared the following glossary of terms with which you can understand a little more about abyl.team as a team management tool.

We define associated concepts as well as the internal functionalities that you will find in the application.

  • Management tool for success in work teams / Management tool for success in work teams: Software with integrated functions that allow better performance in handling the natural difficulties of work teams during the execution of a project.
  • Portfolio: Grouping of projects and / or processes.
  • Project or Process: For abyl.team, it is the unit where a series of people are grouped by virtue of various objectives and the execution of actions. The optimization functions of abyl.team are applied to projects and processes.
  • Objective (in abyl.team): Goals or purposes to be achieved in a project or process.
  • People (in abyl.team): Members of the project or process team. They can be internal or external to the organization.
  • Groups: They represent the areas or department in which people are organized in a project or process.
  • Human Network: Represents graphically the relationships of people in the execution of the activities necessary for the operation of a project or process.
  • Leader (in abyl.team): He is the main person in charge of a project or process. All activities carried out independently will be linked with the leader.
  • Connections of the Human Network: Represents the links between the people who are part of a project or process, these connections are actions, tasks and any other activity with responsibilities shared with the leader and / or between team members, aligned in turn to the objectives.
  • Functioning Map: It graphically represents the Human Network of the Project or Process and in it the difficulties that exist between people in the execution of the actions, tasks and activities represented in the connections of said network are linked.
    With the updated Operation Map, you will be able to have a system of traffic lights that represent relationships of the human factor with the difficulties in execution that have not been resolved (Red Line), as well as those that do not present any difficulties (Gray Line) or those that already were resolved (Green Line). The idea is to achieve a running map with few or no red lines.
  • Enabling Activities: They are the options that are established to solve the difficulties. For the same difficulty, there may be multiple enabling activities until the difficulty is considered completed.
  • Difficulties Agenda: Shows a list with updated status of all difficulties established with their related information. This function represents the guide for team leaders and managers with which they can focus on the resolution of difficulties and achieve optimization in projects and processes.

Management tool for success in projects and work teams

Solve and reduce the difficulties associated with the development of your organization's projects and work teams.

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