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Learn about abyl.team

Management tool for success

abyl.team is a management tool that will allow the different work teams of an organization to visualize and resolve the difficulties associated with each person.

The development of the work of the work teams in any organization, leads to a series of difficulties that could cause problems in the immediate term if they are not controlled in time.

These difficulties may be directly or indirectly related to the execution of any project or process in which different people intervene.

To visualize them, with abyl.team, you will be able to create the human network of your work teams and establish the connections between individuals, their processes and the difficulties associated with each of them, allowing the generation of enabling activities that eliminate and reduce the difficulties.

What can you do with a management tool like abyl.team?

abyl.team is designed to help work teams in the execution of their tasks and make them more efficient by visualizing, managing and resolving the associated difficulties.

It is a management tool with which you can optimize, capture, understand and solve problems that are directly or indirectly related to the execution of projects and processes of an organization.

Even so, it is important to clarify that with abyl.team, you will not create or control tasks, it is not a manager of planned activities in a defined time and it is not based on a Gantt chart.

With abyl.team you will be able to build the human network that will allow you to visualize and link the main actions of each individual, together with the difficulties that associate them.

If two or more individuals are linked to one or more difficulties, in abyl.team you will be able to visualize them with the help of the human network that you have built. In this way, you will be able to be aware of the problems that prevent those components of your work team from being more productive or fulfilling a specific task.

How abyl.team works

abyl.team has a portfolio structure, which are folders where you can organize the work teams together with the processes that you need to optimize. Keep in mind that in the free version, you will have the possibility to manage and optimize a work team.

You can create an account with your Google service or with a corporate email, depending on your preference. To add a new work team, you will need to identify it and set the level of privacy policy you want. Once that step is done, you will have portfolio settings:

1. Public for the whole team in this workspace

2. Private for members of this project

3. Private for personal use

To start with the management of your work team, you will need to establish at least one important general objective. You can also add the sub-goals that you think are convenient. Remember that both the objective and its sub-objectives must be related to the goal you want to achieve with the optimization.

In order to build the human network, you will have to create the work teams or individuals that influence it. To do this, click on “People” and add all the components of the human factor that will participate in the process.

Once you have completed the previous step, it will be necessary to establish a leader, followed by the actions to be optimized. These actions are the tasks that each person or group must do. Once you create it, you can manage the human network.

Use of the human network in abyl.team

Once you have configured the network of people in abyl.team, you will see a working map that will show you the connection between each person in your work group, with the associated difficulties.

In that same map of operation, you will be able to add the difficulties inherent to each individual. When you do, the functional map will show you red lines, as a graphic reference to the active difficulty and its connection to people that affects the rest of the team.

Having this visual on the operating map will allow you to devise the necessary strategies to optimize the work of your entire team.

You will be able to visualize how a difficulty can affect other people and therefore, you will take the respective optimization actions in a more precise and proactive way.

Just click on “Enabling Activities”. You can see this option as the master key that unlocks access to the solution you hope to find.

The functionality of the "Enabling activities" option will allow you to add the activities that you have devised to obtain the solution to the problem that you have detected, aligned with personal skills.

When you add a new activity from this option, you will see how it influences the team, therefore, you will be able to know the magnitude of the effect that your possible solution will have.

Also from this option, you will be able to view the managers associated with each action.

When your enabling activities are completed according to what you have planned, you will only have to click on the box of the actions that you previously established. When you do, you will see how the map of operation, from the "enabling activities" view, is reduced to those that have not yet been resolved.

If you go back to the “Operation Map” view, you will be able to see a green line that interconnects with other individuals. That is indicative that you have managed to solve the difficulty optimally.

The next option “Difficulties Agenda” is a board with all the people, actions, difficulties, enabling activities and their respective statuses. A general compendium of the functioning of a work team.

Management tool for success in projects and work teams

Solve and reduce the difficulties associated with the development of your organization's projects and work teams.

Be more productive with abyl.team!

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