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The highly complex operations of telecommunications companies, integrate large investment projects, departments and functional areas with teams in different locations.

Their transversal processes they touch different areas, becoming complex to align due to their different directions and managements.

With abyl.team, you can focus and generate solutions with a practical and simple vision to the continuing difficulties of the people who intervene in a project, area, department or specific transversal process.

Abyl.team, can be used in telecommunications companies in several ways, some of them, we mention below:

Project development

most of the projects show deviations which in turn results in a significant loss of time and money for businesses.

Abyl.team can focus on the difficulties generated by these deviations to optimize execution times and, by virtue, increase the productivity of work teams.

Example: The project to implement the new 5G technology network in a telecommunications company implies a level of participation of a wide and diversified team of professionals, both internal and external to the organization.

An online tool, such as abyl.team, will allow the different area leaders, view the agenda of difficulties and manage them through a user-friendly and dynamic graphical operating map.

In this way, they will make significant savings in execution times by minimizing the loss of money caused by planning deviations.

Areas or departments

The productivity and profitability of work teams in the areas or departments of a telecommunications company can be affected by the lack of controls in the execution of projects and their processes.

With an online tool like abyl.team, each director or manager will be able to systematically focus on the generation of solutions to continuous difficulties of each work team.

In this way, you will be able to record the internal traceability of your processes vertically, which in turn will translate into the increased productivity and profitability of the entire organization.

Example: The network area is key in a telecommunications company because it converges human teams of engineering and operations in the design, logistics, construction, transmission, CORE, quality and others.

Each of these work teams can have a collaboration space in abyl.team, where their leaders can manage the difficulties that arise in the development of their work, through generation of solutions in a collaborative environment and structured, focused on achieving the greatest optimization of the different work teams in each area.

The result will be the achievement of the objectives set through the proper alignment of departmental executions.

Cross-cutting processes

During the commercial processes, customer service and satisfaction, different areas influence the execution of tasks, being complex to align them optimally in the achievement of results.

In abyl.team, you can build job teams for transversal processes to optimize their operation and achieve the results with the least possible deviations.

Example: During the customer satisfaction process, different people from different areas of the company can intervene, the attention and problem solving processes could take courses with deviations and obstacles that allow a definitive solution.

With abyl.team, You will be able to generate a work team with direct responsibility for the key actions of the process. Allowing to create the basis for obtaining solutions that are shared and that allow solving the difficulties that continuously arise in the process.

Management tool for success in projects and work teams

Solve and reduce the difficulties associated with the development of your organization's projects and work teams.

Be more productive with abyl.team!